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Great Gifts For Fishermen.

Take it from someone who could assemble an outfit where every component has an embroidered fish on it—good fishing gifts are precious, rare things. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best fishing-themed gifts available for Northeast anglers who fish small ponds for bass, go surfcasting for stripers, or troll offshore for tuna.

We started by asking everyone here in the On The Water office: What are the best gifts you’ve received, and what is on your wish list for this year? To round things out, we asked our advertising partners to recommend a few more gift ideas, and then sorted the list by type of angler.

We hope that you’ll find the perfect gift ideas for your fishing buddies and a few for yourself.

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The Regular At The Rail

The Regular at the Rail
Headboat fishing is a lifestyle and a favorite pursuit of thousands of Northeast anglers. These gifts will give the rail rat in your life better odds of winning the pool.

Gifts For The Party Boat Angler

The Bass Master

River Backwater Areas for Largemouth
There’s a sleeper fishery for big largemouth bass in the Northeast, and for the fishermen in the know, these gifts will help catch a lunker.

Gifts For The Bass Master

The Trout Bum

The Trout Bum
Whether it’s fresh-stocked rainbows in a suburban creek or wild brookies in a mountain lake, the Northeast is full of trout—and trout fishermen.

Gifts For The Trout Bum

The Adventurer

The Adventurer
While the Northeast has everything an angler could ask for, it’s only natural to want to experience fishing in other parts of the world. These gifts will help local anglers satisfy their fishing wanderlust.

Gifts For The Adventurous Angler

The Offshore Angler

The Offshore Angler
Offshore fishermen are a breed of their own, pushing the limits of their boats and tackle for big-game thrills.

Gifts For The Offshore Angler

The Kayak Fisherman

The Kayak Fisherman
More fishermen enlist in the “plastic navy” every season, opening endless possibilities for pursuing fish from remote ponds to forgotten coasts. This is the gear that lets kayak anglers continue to push the limits of paddle- and pedal-driven fishing.

Gifts For Kayak Anglers

The Angler Who Has Everything

The Angler Who Has Everything
Some fishermen have it all—a decked-out boat, a fully stocked tackle room, and a house full of assorted fishing paraphernalia. But, here are a few things we’re betting they don’t have yet.

Gifts For The Angler Who Has Everything

The Albie Nut

The Albie Nut
In some severe cases, funny-fish fever runs so high that afflicted fishermen spend the whole year looking forward to the arrival of false albacore and bonito. Here’s the gear they need to make sure the next season is the best yet.

Gifts For The Albie Nut

The Foul-Weather Fisherman

The Foul-Weather Fisherman
Whether it’s raining, snowing, or just bitter cold, some anglers refuse to let weather them from fishing. These items will keep them feeling their best when the weather is at its worst.

Gifts For The Foul-Weather Fisherman

The New Angler

The New Angler
Some fishermen make their first casts alongside their first steps, but others come to fishing much later. Whatever the age of a new angler, these gifts will keep them safe and help fan the flame of their passion for fishing.

Gifts For The New Angler

The Captain’s Kitchen

The Captain's Kitchen
For some fishermen, the best part of a trip is the meal that follows it. These gifts will help turn those fresh fillets into a dinner you won’t forget.

Gifts For The Captain’s Kitchen


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