Featured Lure: Daddy Mac Bobby Rice Series RD Bomb


Daddy Mac Lures began when Jack Houghton and Dennis MacDonald started sifting through the dirt at gun ranges for spent bullets that they melted down and turned into striped bass jigs. The two passed out the lures among their friends in the rod-and-reel commercial fleet off Cape Cod. As fishermen saw how well they worked, Houghton and MacDonald were soon inundated with requests to buy the lures. They increased production and expanded the line to target everything from largemouth bass to albies.

Stripers are still the heavy favorite among Daddy Mac’s customers, and in recent seasons, the company began developing more hard-plastic lures for the seven-striped predators. In 2016, it created the AB Bomb, a smallish topwater walker for light-tackle casting to albies and school bass; over the winter, the company finalized development of a bigger topwater aimed at larger striped bass.


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