Featured Lure: Storm 360GT Searchbait


Before the early 2000s, Storm was well known for its classic hardbaits like the Chug Bug and Thunderstick. Then, with the introduction of the Wildeye Series, Storm created a new style of lure, the Swim Shad, that changed the way many anglers fished. The Wildeye took the classic boot-tail soft bait, like the Sassy Shad, gave it a more lifelike profile, finished it with more realistic color patterns, and molded it around a specially made weighted hook. The result was a versatile, extremely effective lure that just about any fisherman, of any skill level, could use with great success.

In January 2016, Storm released another series of lures using that same formula, and once again creating a new category of lure with the 360GT Searchbait.


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