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https://youtu.be/GOOuYPKtVysHow to fish for rainbow and brook trout using a Flasher sonar and slip float with finesse presentation. The trout can be finicky and will often take a small presentation like a tungsten jig and small piece of night crawler or meal worm when they won’t touch anything else. If you are seeing fish and they are swimming by your presentation that means they are interested in feeding but do not want what you are offering. So change up and find what they want. It is hard to beat the downsizing method to trigger activity. A jig is often the most reliable method of effectively delivering a tantalizing morsel to the strike zone. Get it in their face and slow it down. Wait for the take. It’s coming!

Many guys I bump into on the ice in BC have never seen a flasher sonar or even heard of one. Guys often ask me what the red box is. Well here is that Red Box Marcum in Action with demonstration on what you see and how it helps me catch fish.

Hope you guys enjoy this video. Let me know in the comments your concerns or questions and I’ll get back to you. If you have questions I can answer with future videos I always like that kind of stuff. Thanks for watching!


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