Freshwater Fishing Gear Buyer’s Guide – The Spinner Reel


Welcome back to our ongoing series of articles on Freshwater Fishing Gear. With this series we are hoping to take out the fright of buying fishing tackle from the novice angler.

We will address a wide range of fishing gear from reels, rods, lures, baits, jigs, lines, and hooks. It is hoped by the finish of the series your can go online and purchase the right gear and within budget.

We started our discussion on freshwater fishing reels with the spincast reel, the easiest reel for novices and the casual fisherman. This article will cover the spinner reel, and will continue with the baitcast reel and lastly an article on the fly fishing reel.

Spinning reels come in numerous varieties and are utilized by children, occasional hobbyist and enthusiastic fisherman alike. When it comes to fishing reels, the spinning reel is the most well-known and best-selling. It is principally used for light-line applications and rules in terms of performance and simplicity of use.

The spinner reel is ideal for catching just about any fish out there; whether it is ponds, creeks, lakes, or rivers. You can catch big mouth bass, channel catfish, rainbow trout or small bluegills or sun fish it doesn’t matter, if you have strong enough line your spinning reel will land the fish.

The spinning reel has a very distinctive look with the large wire bale around the open-faced line spool and a line roller to help hold the line as you retrieve it. The reel handle or “crank” can have either one or two knobs, both work equally well at reducing line friction as you retrieve it, with little or no snarling. This type of reel is mounted on the underside of the rod.

There are few drawbacks to the spinning reel. It is only limited by the size of your fishing line, when compared to the baitcast reel it holds less line. This means you will need to use a thinner, lighter line to guarantee you have enough line to get to the position you want. The lighter the line the smaller fish you can catch. The spinning reel is also not as accurate at casting as the baitcast reel

A good example of spinner reel is the “Pflueger Trion GX-7 Spinning Reel,” priced at under $40 it is an affordable choice for general-duty fishing, featuring lightweight graphite body and rotor; anodized aluminum spool with titanium spool lip.

The next review in our series will feature the baitcast reel, a serious reel for master anglers.


Source by Bill H Keller