Freshwater Fishing Rigs: How To Use Worm Rigs To Catch More…


Freshwater fishing rigs seems to come in all shapes and styles from Powerbait trout rigs to crappie rigs that have multiple hooks attached to them and even walleye bait rigs that have spinners and beads attached to them, but in my experience some of the most effective freshwater fishing rigs are simple worm rigs. In this article I will draw upon my twenty plus years of experience using freshwater fishing rigs to outline precisely how you can use these rigs to help you catch more fish.

When most anglers think of using a worm as bait when fishing they never consider using a bait rig but rather choose to use a single fishing hook and this is a big mistake. You see, by using a worm rig the worm itself can be presented to the fish that you are trying to catch in an outstretched and natural manner, which means that the worm will be much more effective as bait. Fish are used to a worm looking like a worm, which is why these particular fishing rigs are so valuable to anglers.

Whether you are drifting fishing in a small river or stream or you are fishing under a slip bobber or on the bottom of a lake, worm rigs are the only way to go about hooking a worm for fishing. There are worm rigs that consist of two small fishing hooks (often called a gang hook rig) and there are some that contain three and four hooks, but the bottom line is that these rigs enable you to hook a worm in a completely realistic and natural manner.

To attach any of the aforementioned freshwater fishing rigs to you line you want to use a swivel , preferably a bar swivel. This will make for a much stronger union than a knot and will also help to prevent you line from becoming twisted. Your line becoming twisted is a problem for many anglers and attaching your worm rigs to you line with a swivel is the way to prevent this problem.

Once attached to your line a worm rig that is baited with a worm can be fished in whatever manner you would normally choose to employ. I have found "drift fishing" in a small river or stream while using worm rigs to be extremely effective and many of my colleges have found the same to be true while fishing under a slip bobber in a lake or pond.

There is little doubt that the freshwater fishing rigs often referred to as worm rigs are the best way to use worms as bait when fishing, whether you are talking about "live" or synthetic worms. If you want to catch more fish while using fishing worms as bait, add the aforementioned tips and tricks to your repertoire sooner, rather than later.


Source by Trevor Kugler