Minnesota Northern Pike Fishing


Minnesota offers some excellent northern pike fishing in many of its lakes through the state. I know that most anglers prefer to catch walleye because they are so easy to fillet and they taste excellent, but when it comes down to the actual fight of the fish, many fishermen would prefer to catch a big pike. This article will cover some of the popular lakes that fishermen target for these fish.

Upper Red Lake is located in northern Minnesota and it is an exceptional lake for trophy-sized northern pike. Only a portion of this lake is opened up to the public while the majority of the lake can only be fished by tribal members of the Red Lake Nation. The area of ​​the lake that is open to the public has some very good fishing and there are enough lodging options to accommodate you on your trip.

Lake Winnibigoshish, also called Lake Winnie, is a great lake for pike fishing. Anglers love fishing this lake because they can fish similar areas to catch walleye and pike.

Leech Lake is a very popular vacation destination and this lake has some very good northern pike fishing. Many of the walleye anglers get annoyed because pike will hit their jigs and snap their lines. Tie on a 20 pound flourocarbon leader at the end of your line, attach a jig and minnow and you should be able to catch plenty of pike and walleye.

Lake of the Woods is probably the best lake in the state for planning a fishing vacation. This lake has a magnificent walleye fishery and that's what most anglers come up here to catch. The northern pike fishing can also be very good and there is less fishing pressure for these tooth critters.

You can find information about fishing guides, lodging and more for all of these destinations on our Minnesota fishing page.


Source by Kevin Sewell