Musky Spoons – Why Have People Abandoned The Spoon?


Musky fishing is expensive. Why? Lures, that's why. But why are musky lures so expensive? Because they're big and most are machined. And, in my opinion, there is tons of hype. Do the musky know this? No. So why do many musky fisherman just have to have a $ 40, 17 inch walleye replication to feel like they might catch something? Uhhh, because it looks oh so pretty. What? Pretty? Did he just say pretty and musky in the same sentence. Yep, I did.

What's the alternative to a perfect glide bait though, or a beautiful 12 inch jerk bait. In my opinion, if you look at what some people use for saltwater fishing, you can find some pretty good alternatives to some outrageously priced freshwater, musky-only, baits. You can even look at northern pike fishing for that matter. Something about musky fishing created a cottage industry in specialty musky lures. As if the musky was not a normal fish (Ok, I think they're gods too, but they are still fish). And all these lures were super expensive. What ever happened to the spoon? A chunk of metal with a hook that did not cost as much as a kegerator.

Some people who do not like or use spoons, will say, "well spoons just does not look as good as a hard bait." And, there are no good musky sized spoons. To that, I say, you may have been brainwashed by the musky industry. Spoons still work very, very well. And, if you know where to look, you will not pay much at all for a heavy, long, shiny musky sized spoon. They are much cheaper than any other musky bait. Someone actually told me that musky just do not like spoons anymore, they have a more sophisticated taste these days, now that they see so many of these great glide baits and top water lures. I almost fall of my chair laughing.


Source by Scott R