Pike Fishing Reservoirs


The spring thaw and rain blossoms flooded reservoirs and a pike fishing window that is outstanding! The Pike hold in the flooded brush and timber, waiting to ambush virtually anything that comes their way.

They tend to stay in these flood areas until the food source depletes or the water temperature climbs to 68 degrees F. or more. Where I come from Pike season opens the second week of May leaving a 2 to 3 week window where the Pike fishing is phenomenal.

Tandem spinner baits with willow leaf blades make a great choice for getting into the heart of the flooded timber and vegetation. Accurate casts are a must when using body baits without you want to unhook trebles all day, but they do catch fish. Minnow imitating soft plastics flipped into holes work well too. Over all I have found that the spinner bait takes most of the Pike with a steady regain. You can also cover a lot of terrain, which ups your hook ratio.

Southern Ontario has excellent reservoir Pike fishing opportunities. Keep in mind that reservoirs in general are not all that big so maintenance plays a big role. 10 to 15 lb Pike are not uncommon, but still fewer and fewer of them are released to spawn again. If I was to take a Pike home for the table the smaller fish would get the nod because they just taste better!

There is no 'beauty' in a trophy Pike served on a dinner table, but by educating ourselves in preservation we will find that a picture is worth a thousand ahs!


Source by Nic Di Gravio