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7/9/2018 – Niagara Falls, ON – In addition to its existing line of Rigs, Thundermist Lure Company releases a new series of Salt Water “species specific” bait rigs and an all-purpose “no-hook” drift rig.

Each rig is tied with 100% fluorocarbon line and comes with a special Thundermist, extra wide Sinker Snap which easily accommodates bank sinkers. The T-Turn allows bait to work freely, avoiding line twist and tangles which makes for a great presentation – triggering more hits.

Rig #1A is a “high/low” rig, great for Porgy, croaker, spot and other small salt water game fish. Rig 15F comes with attracting beads and 2/0 wide gap hook, and targets Flounder/Fluke as well as any other bottom fish. Rig #17B comes with a big game 9/0 circle hook, which is great for Striper and other larger game fish. Rig #22B, with its 4/0 wide gap hook, is designed to accommodate live croaker as bait, or any other similar live bait fish. Finally, Rig 20R is a no-hook rig, great for drifting or slow trolling – this pre-tied rig is also great to use with the Viper Spoon.

Very affordable and available now – Rigs range from $3.49 – $4.99 USD.

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