Techniques, Tips & Trout Fishing How To


Even though no one can really claim to know all the answers, let me share with you some of my personal trout fishing "how to" techniques and tips. When one thinks of fishing for trout, almost instantly fly fishing will come to one's mind. Perhaps you're a pre beginner, never been fishing in your life but always wanted to. You might not even know what fly fishing is. Well, to sum it up, it's …

A completely distinct, and very ancient way of angling for hook trout and other kinds of fish, such as bass or salmon. Angling itself means simply fishing with a hook to catch fish in the simplest form. And, in case you do not know, you can use a fish worm, midnight crawler, lizard, chad, grasshopper, minnows, gizzard, liver, and many other forms of bait that will work great.

If you do not want to touch and use live creatures or portions of them, you can buy artificial flies or bait made by man to look like a real fishworm, but made out of man-made material. I've heard of many weird baits being used through my fishing years. Some say their baits are so good, that when they dangle them out over the water or stream that the fish can not resist jumping up and hooking themselves. You decide whether to believe them or not.

Now, if you already know all that I have shared with you above, but not much more, then this next part is for you.

First, you'll need a rod and reel, one that will catch fish, big or little, and that personally suits you. The rod you chose will depend on whether you're male or female, a young boy or girl, or if somehow you have some years built up to deserve the honor of being called a senior citizen. Weight is a factor to consider, as well as make and color.

There are 3 main types of fly rods – Cane, Fiberglass, and Graphite. Each has its benefits and features, which you need to consider.

All of the information provided here is basic trout fishing how to advice. Learn as much as you can, and be prepared to never stop learning!


Source by Sam Phillips