Thirsty Thursday 7 June: What’s In Your Cooler?


Orian_CoolerTD_H1Even though these long, glorious days of high summer are probably not the absolute best fly fishing days of the entire year (at least on the hallowed freestones of the Northern Rockies), like many of our friends I can’t wait to spend a few 15+ hour floats on some of my favorite Montana waters (I’m thinking of you Missouri, Big Hole, and Yellowstone), working through the day’s hatches and dredging with hopper – dropper rigs during the long, hot afternoons.

We’ve been writing here for years now about various adult (and non-adult) beverages we, and many of our friends and readers, have encountered here and there.

I’m always curious to see what other folks stock their coolers with on long, hot, summer days; after all, men and women traipsing the rivers, creeks, and cricks can’t hydrate on cold (and often cheap) beer alone.

What’s in your cooler when headed out for a long summer’s day wade / float these days???


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