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The Campaign to Hold Montana Mine Polluters Accountable (I-186) Needs Your Help


Resource extraction has played, and continues to play, a big role in Montana’s economy; many newcomers to the state are surprised to read the State’s motto – Oro y Plata (gold and silver). Some of the biggest recent mines in the state (some of of the old ones too) left behind toxic pollution disasters, and some rationally minded folks have launched a legislative campaign to hold miners accountable for pollution caused by their operations.

Read all about it here, and while you’re at it, consider donating to help the cause; some of the opposition has deep pockets and this will be a tight one headed to the election referendum in November.

Upper Gallatin Clean Up Tomorrow


Things get started at 2, and the group reconvenes for FREE beer (Long Peak Brewery) and BBQ at 5.

Montana Conservation Film Fest on Friday




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