Where Do Bass Go After They Spawn? (And How To Catch Them) —…


Shallow bass are much more cover oriented than deep bass and typically do not roam far. Deep bass tend to gather in schools but move rapidly from place to place in search of food. Finding the “sweet spots” where ideal cover is present on ideal structure with a food source is all it takes. Once you’ve located one of these areas you’re set! If the food moves the bass will follow but by understanding the need for deep water access on main lake structure with cover present you can quickly relocate them. 

Below are a list of our favorite baits for both deep and shallow fishing from the post spawn through the summer months. 

DEEP Baits…

Strike King 10XD – http://bit.ly/2gHT4F0
Storm Arashi Deep Crankbaits – http://bit.ly/2IJc1s4
Berkley Dredger Deep Crankbaits – http://bit.ly/2I8xOcA
Magnum Flutter Spoon 8″ – http://bit.ly/2ImXDlW
Strike King Bullworm OPT 8″- http://bit.ly/2Iqhy3w
Dirty Jigs Magnum Stand Up Head – http://bit.ly/2apouhn


R2S Bully Wa II Frog (Little Allen Color) – http://bit.ly/2axyR2a 
Zorro Baits HeadKnocker Buzzbait (Black or White): http://bit.ly/2d4VpK1
R2S Trash bomb Tungsten Punch Weight – http://bit.ly/2bHj2pB
Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver (Green Pumpkin): http://bit.ly/29W3RZW
Whopper Plopper 130 (Monkey Butt or Loon): http://bit.ly/2a7ipHL

The Equipment Tim used to show the mapping…

Humminbird Solix 15 Sonar-  http://bit.ly/2pAkXr2
Lakemaster Autochart – http://bit.ly/2unEs8y

Our favorite All-Around combo for both deep and shallow fishing if we could only choose one…
Rod- Zodias 7’5″ Heavy Rod: http://bit.ly/2cgmMAe
Reel- Curado 200K 7:1 Ratio: http://bit.ly/2tHewEh
Line- 65 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ
Leader- 20 lb Maxima ultra green: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

Great All-Around BUDGET Combo…
Rod- Dobyns Fury 7’6″ medium Heavy: http://bit.ly/2bGvlVV
Reel- Casitas 150: http://bit.ly/2geKxsp
Line- 20 lb AbrazX: http://bit.ly/2aaBBDX

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